You Can't Be Everything to Everyone

My "Oh F*ck moment! 

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"You can't be everything to everyone"

This phrase stopped me in my tracks!

I just got done coaching a client on this. A whole hour on, "You need to choose a camp", otherwise your energy will be scattered, people won't know exactly what "IT" is that you do and you won't become the "go to" expert in your field because you are trying to be everything to everyone.

Yaddy, yadda, ya . . . And then BAM!

I thought to myself, Oh F*CK I'm doing the same thing!

After years of coaching, you learn a lot, so you have a lot to share, right?! I'd been casting my net too wide for way too long! Teaching and sharing everything I had learned along the way. To the point that I was even having a challenge telling people what I did!

Yup, sometimes we forget to follow our own teaching!

I decided in order to really, truly live a SIMPLY WEALTHY lifestyle, I needed to reign in my skills and my message in EVEN further.

Not to put myself in a box or to quit expanding or creating. But, so I could shine and be the very best that I could be at what I really enjoyed doing. And, so others knew what the heck I was teaching!!!

I was also determined to serve more, but I also wanted to have more space in my life to "just be." But, I couldn't do that if I was trying to be all things to all people.

This meant I'd have to DITCH that which no longer served me!

When I got honest with myself, journaled around what I could drop in my services AND asked a few of my best business peeps where they felt I shined, it really came down to teaching one thing: Discovering Your Divine Path. Your Big Vision.

Now of course, there is a lot of subjects that fall under that path, but that path was for me to shine in.

So I started playing with my message a bit more. . .

Empowering you to transform into what you came here to do… I can see the possibilities in you that you may not quite see for yourself just yet.  I am able to see your truth, your true potential & gifts before my clients can see it for themselves.

What did that all really mean when I took out the fluff? :-)

I can see the BIG VISION in you! Your true calling! And, effortlessly guide you to take crystal clear steps to making that happen.

I want you to do this as well! Determine if you have services that no longer should be in your business. Or, if you are just starting, really narrow in on your focus. After that, take a look at what you say you do, your messaging. Take out the fluff and get real with what you really do and make sure it's in total alignment with what feels good to you.

It's SO hard to see in ourselves what comes so naturally, effortlessly. We like to make things hard. Many times after we DO know, we get in our own way… We don't quite know what to do with that knowledge after we have it.

I want to help you uncover what you are here to do in this lifetime while empowering you to overcome that which is holding you back from being, doing or having the business and life you desire.

Let's start here by journaling around a few questions, then head on over to our complimentary group and get further support.

Let's take this a little further. Because I can hear the questions. But, Deb, I teach on this, this and this. I can't serve on just one thing.

Even though I teach about money and mindset, purpose to profits, overcoming limiting beliefs, raising your vibration, chakra clearing, etc, etc the list goes on and on. Narrowing it down to this one area of expertise, allows me to shine and serve without the message and my business getting too watered down to the point that no one really knows what I do.

What I did after taking out the services I no longer enjoyed, I made sure that all the rest of my services were in alignment and/or supported my main service, teaching on Discovering your Divine Path/Big Vision. If they didn’t, they had to go. Discovering your Divine Path became my main topic, my umbrella, and all of my other services came under that umbrella because they were in total alignment with my main vision.  

So everything supports my main message. It all flows. And, best thing yet! I don't do anything that I don't love!

I leave the latest social media tactic to the experts and ask me about my SEO experience and I'll tell you I tried teaching this to myself for 6 months and failed miserably. Relationship expert. Nope. Not me! Even though I do get asked about relationship advice all the time, which totally cracks me up!!! How to do back office set, nope, not me!

A huge burden was lifted off of my shoulders because now I'm crystal clear on the topics that I do teach.

So, choose a camp. Shine where you are meant to shine! And, be really, really good at what you do! It's kind of easy because you are good at it and it's fun!

Allow others to shine where they are meant to.

You cannot be everything, to everyone! I know you want to be. But, please, don't go down this path.

So, let's get out your trusty journal and ask yourself some questions to gain more clarity around this:

  • What is "IT" that I truly do/want to do? Now, shorten it, strip it back and take out the fluff.

  • Does what I do make me happy?

  • Does it come naturally for me?

  • Is there any part of my business where I don’t shine?

  • What am I willing to let go of?

  • What am I no longer willing to put up with?

  • Who do I love/can't stand to work with?

For some of you, you are just getting started on your business, for others you've been in business for a very long time and you've lost sight of this one concept.

Do what you love, with who you love! And, I promise you'll make the money that you love!

Join me in building a Simply Wealthy business and lifestyle.  Which means giving yourself permission to let go. . . Of A LOT!

Know what "IT" is that you want to do!

"WHO" you want to serve.

And, always connect with "WHY" this mission is so damn important to you to follow thru with.

I'd love to hear more from you! Let me know any a'ha's you got from this article. Share in our Simply Empowered Facebook Group.

Embrace your gifts! Xo, d

p.s. Not following thru on and serving others with your true gifts in life, is doing a disservice to you and to all of those you are meant to serve!

BusinessDebra Larson