Journaling Prompt - "As above, so below"

Simply Empowered Journaling Prompt

As above, so below or…

“As WithinWhat do we think within ourselves. So Without – Will be expressed or reflected on the world we live."

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>>>Think about everything you have & are grateful for in your life, write that down.

>>>Now, think of everything you desire, write that down.

What did you feel & what actions did you take to create everything you have?

Let's apply this to what you desire. What would it feel like to have what you want in business & in life? WHY don't you have it now? Are you taking the actions that are in alignment with creating this? If not, what's stopping you? What support do you need to create this in your life?

>> Share with us if you have any shifts after doing this journaling assignment. Or, thoughts on what may be keeping you from being, doing & having what you desire right now.

Create Wealth & Abundance from within, xoxo Debra

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