The Key to feeling great Instantly!

And, it’s importance to manifesting the life you desire!

Because our thoughts create our emotions, our feelings, which ultimately manifests into our reality. Therefore, it's vital that we master our mind so that we have positive and purely loving thoughts. The key is to master our thoughts, meaning we are totally aware of, and in control of, our thoughts.


All negative thoughts are usually rooted in fear. They are an illusion, even if they feel very real at the moment.

The key to feeling great all of the time is to turn these negative, fear-based thoughts into love-based ones.

Bare with me here. I know I sound like a new-age, flower child.

When we can transcend all fear-based, lower ego, illusionary thoughts into thinking via your higher self, thru love and compassion, thru the self-less God mind, you create joy and uplifting emotions.

You just feel better based on shifting your thoughts. Which in turn is the magic key to creating and manifesting the life you desire.

So what do you do?

Check out some of these incredibly simple, yet empowering tips to shift your thoughts.

1.) Shift your negative thought to a positive:

As soon as you feel a "stinking-thinking" thought enter your mind, immediately shift to an opposite thought.

When you are worried, think grateful. When you are sad, think happy. When you are desperate, think hopeful. Dislike to like. Anger to Cheer. Laziness to energy. Feeling forced turn it into flow. You got this!

2.) Ho'oponopono mantra:

If I'm thinking super negative thoughts about me or anyone else that I feel needs forgiveness., I'll go right into my shortcut Ho'oponopono mantra. In reality, you are always forgiving yourself and your negative thoughts even if you think you are giving the other person forgiveness.

"I love you, please forgive me, I'm sorry, thank you."

That's it! It totally shifts my mindset. If it doesn't, I do it again.

3.) Reaction to someone else's negativity:

If I'm feeling really negative against something that someone else has done, I do a quick Shaman healing practice called Sweeping Breath. This is super simple and involves you recalling the person you have strong thoughts about and you want to totally disconnect from them. Basically, you concentrate on your breath and the person, as you move your head right to left. So, breath in thru your nose as you turn your head left, out of your nose as you turn right.

Do this a few times until you no longer feel the thoughts that were bothering you so.

At the end do 3 more back and forth turns with your head, with no breath and end with your head in the center. You are just cleansing yourself from any negative connection and releasing it.

4.) Stage of Perfection:

This next technique I use for a loved one, especially if they are raining on your happy day parade. And, it's one that I love and use most along with Ho'oponopono, because with both, you almost immediately will feel a shift in you and the other person and/or animal! I've used this for barking dogs!!! I call it, the Stage of Perfection.

I simply visualize the person I have negative thoughts about, or the barking dog, or the crying baby... You get the idea! On a stage in front of me. I see them at first as they are, or how I'm feeling about them at that moment.

Then I see them in total perfection. Happy. Joyful. Giving. Loving. Whatever comes to you. With all pure intent, I send them loving thoughts. I ask for forgiveness (even if I feel like the victim in the situation). I see them as a loving, beautiful person I know are. Once I feel and "see" this perfection (in my mind's eye), I give them a hug, tell them I love them (silently in my mind), and imagine a chord being cut from them to me, and send them into the perfection of light.

All of these are super simple steps to do for yourself, or if you feel negative thoughts about someone else, or even a situation.

Use what works best for you! I've even done Ho'oponopono while stuck in traffic!

Simply Empowered Journaling Tip: Choose a one or a couple of these practices and use it daily for the next 30 days. Journal around how your feelings, your day and what shows up for you because of changing your negative thoughts into positive ones on a daily basis.

You'll enjoy the manifestations that begin to show up in your life!

xo, d