James Van Praagh shared a hi-light of my book! [it almost didn't happen!]

Check this out!!!

Perfectly Imperfect Path

Squeal! James Van Praagh shared a hi-light of my book in his community! [And, guess what? It almost didn't happen!] Read more for this great lesson!

Jame Van Praagh hi-lighted my up and coming book on his blog! This is so exciting for me. You see, I almost didn’t share my book with anyone. I was going to keep this gift to myself.


Because I didn’t think I was a good enough writer. Because I didn’t think that what I had to share would be interesting to others. Because I didn’t know “how” to publish my own book. What if someone I loved read it and hated it? What if I never sold a copy?

Because, what if . . .

Oh my, oh my!

This was during a time that I needed to swallow some of my own “Simply Empowered” medicine. This was a time when my mentor really had my back by giving me a push. This is WHY it’s so important to have mentorship!

This self-doubt didn’t last long, but it was there for sure. Front and center. If I would have listened to that “playing small” voice inside me, I wouldn’t be sharing all of this goodness with you right now! Much of my training for “Awakening to your Divine Gifts” course, comes from this book!

Lesson learned. Please don’t play small.

If that little voice does pop up inside you when you are stretching for something bigger, just ask yourself “What is this all about?” Thank your little voice for trying to protect you. But, my dear, please be rest assured that you got this! Whatever “this” is!

If you have an idea calling you forth, don’t stop right before you step over the threshold! That idea is usually from your divine self, your unconscious mind tapping you on the shoulder saying go for it! Have you ever heard the phrase, “If you can think it, you can become it or achieve it”? Yes, it’s very much the truth!

Your mind would not allow you to think of anything that you weren’t actually able to achieve. EVEN, if you do not know how.

Once you are aware that stuff pops up right before you step into your greatness… Once you begin to understand that if you just have just a little “sitcktoitivness”… If you just hang in there a bit longer… You will enjoy the fruits of your labor for just stretching a little bit outside of your comfort zone.

I will let you know when my book is live, it will be a bit yet, but I’m so excited! Please check out this preview that James shared with his community: https://www.vanpraagh.com/awaken-the-writer-within/

Share in the Simply Empowered group or on my page something that you’ve been wanting to do, or started and haven’t completed because you let that little voice pop up.

Sending you a big virtual hug! Now, go & finish that project or stepping into something that you’ve been wanting to become or do! You got this!

xoxo, Debra