Perfectly Imperfect Path, Awakening to your Divine Gifts

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[Introduction to my new book . . .]

Perfectly Imperfect Path

Awakening to your Divine Gifts

What is my purpose? The "why" behind our human existence, is the ultimate question of many of my students.

Instead of looking for the finality in the answer: What is my purpose? I'm going to take you on a journey that will enable you to begin seeking and seeing the answers within each step you've taken and will take, awakening to the gifts that you have been given along the way.

Just putting into action a few of the steps shared within, will begin to shift your perception, but by following the 4-step process in its entirety will transform your life. Becoming simply empowered in all areas of your life will no longer be something in the distant future, but something you can experience today. And by taking it to the final step, you will be able to begin changing lives by serving others in a deeper capacity.

The Universe is always activating the power of your gifts, it's up to you to awaken to them, to be aware, and to do something with this awareness.

I believe that behind each experience, each connection, there is a deeper meaning, story or learning, no matter how brief the encounter. From the process of self-discovery during these experiences, an unfolding occurs to your natural gifts. Ultimately, as you become more aware, you naturally step into your purpose-filled path and how you can serve others through this collection of experiences and gathering of your gifts while being true to yourself and your own uniqueness. And, if you so desire, you can use this knowledge to fulfill your personal mission, whether that is through being of greater service, creating your own business, or sharing your gifts with others just for the sheer delight of it.

Depending on where you are in life, living your life the way you truly desire, may seem just out of reach. But you know in your heart, that there is something more that you are meant to experience. This something more may come by doing less. You may find yourself simplifying your life, taking away some of the stuff that is bogging you down, standing in your way, keeping you from being, doing and having the life you ultimately desire and deserve to live.

My intentions are to empower you to strip back the layers and guide you to connecting with your core, your natural state of being, so that you can finally see and experience what it is within you that creates that inner spark, that joy, that state of being - even peace, that will create a shift on how you show up in life, which ultimately will be unavoidable for others to feel in you as well.

When your energy begins to vibrate out from this place of your core truth, your life begins to shift and others begin to show up in a different light, by YOU just being YOU. A much more compassionate, loving, patient part of you will begin to unfold, attracting more of what you want and less of what no longer serves you!

The key is getting back to the "you", that you are meant to be. And, I mean all of you! All your beautiful quirks, innate qualities, gifts, skills and persona that makes you truly unique, embracing and loving every bit of it.

Contrary to what many experience daily, being stressed, rushed, tired, angry, frustrated and living from a reactive state is not your natural way of being, but perhaps you've been doing it for so long you feel as though it is. Every decision, every reaction you make comes from a place of love or fear. Think about that for a moment. Ask yourself, do most of my decisions, actions and comments come from a place of love, or fear?

When you begin to allow source energy to flow thru you, when you begin to express your highest vibration, tuning into your own intuition, you not only begin to experience more peace, joy, happiness and natural energy, you will begin to awaken to your unique gifts.  From this place is where you create the biggest impact by serving others, helping them evolve through your life experiences.

Many times, from this place, is where you can monetize your gifts effortlessly. It doesn't mean you still don't have to put the work in, it's just that everything comes a lot more naturally because you are serving others thru something you've already experienced in your life and other like-minded people will begin to gravitate to what you must share. And, you find great joy in sharing this part of who you’ve become, so when challenges arise, it's easier to handle.

People will pay greatly to have others give them the "shortcut", the answers, to empower them to solve their own problems. I will touch base on how to begin the journey of making a living out of your purpose via awakening to your higher mission after we do a little soul searching. I'll also share with you ways you can continue your education and get the support you need now to deepen your experience with what you begin reading here, reinforcing and applying these concepts to your daily life.

For years I've been consulting conscious women entrepreneurs. Empowering woman to connect with their truth via their own healing, passions and desired way of being, in order to serve others on a global level. Whether you are here to shift the way you currently work your business, open your eyes to stepping into a higher mission, or you are just curious about deepening your connection with yourself in order to be, do and have the life you desire, you are in the right place.

Together we are going to dive deep into the journey you've already experienced, create an ultra-awareness around your life today, all while setting clarity for your future intentions that you can finally begin to experience, with extreme gratitude, for the abundance that will follow. You will also connect with the compassion and love that will begin to fill all your life's experiences, almost instantly. You will begin to look at challenges with curiosity and intrigue, looking for the learnings that may come from them versus the resistance you may have had with past experiences. You will begin to give forgiveness, even when you thought there was no way that you could, releasing you from the pain of the past and letting go of the focus of the other person.

Ultimately, you will begin to live a life of divine grace. Your natural state of being.

Awakening to new ways of being, doing and having when you never thought it was possible.

But how? Healing your own wounded self allows for a deeper awareness of how you show up in life so that you can serve and connect in an empowering way, thru your own unique processes. . . All the while, honoring your personal gifts, your personality, your values and how you expand around this, in order to serve others not just in business, or your personal mission, but in life.

The process which I will take you thru was acquired thru my astrological chart, my mid-point trees. From my understanding, the midpoint is exactly as it sounds, the half-way point between two planets, creating a blend of energy between the two, defining a specific, deeper, definition in your astrological chart. I must be honest, I don't understand most of it and I don't pretend to, I leave that up to the experts that have connected to these gifts!

There was no need for me to understand it further because what came to light was truly a miraculous gift for me to share with all of you!

What came to light was a specific journey, what I was meant to teach others, so they too could share their gifts with the world. What I found was this series of steps and steps within the steps, that would help anyone who followed them, bringing their specific gifts to light, all while stepping into the life they only dreamed of, until now. I already taught this in my business; following your purpose-filled life, but this was an enormous breakthrough because it brought about an expanded structure to what I was already teaching, a structure that others could understand and most importantly, empower them to apply it to their unique life and set of circumstances, simply.

One thing that comes naturally for me, is to combine spirit and strategy. Taking something that seems totally woo-woo and grounding into something useful that you can apply to your everyday life. The path that I share here, is one that you can follow, that you can make yours, to suit you, in order to help you evolve on your personal path. And, crazy enough, here it was all along, in my astrological chart, to share with all of you!

Whether you believe in astrology or not, does not really matter to me. And, I don't say that to sound flippant, it's just the truth. I use many unconventional and conventional teachings and tools to fill my curiosity and self-development. When you begin applying what I have to share, you'll understand how profound and life changing these transformative, yet doable steps are, you'll begin to open yourself up to a new clarity in how you experience life today.

The beautiful part about all of this is that it won't take years to apply to your life. Many will begin to see a change immediately. Also, much of what I'll be sharing comes from a simple shift in your awareness, while practicing small, aligned actions which will almost magically create a new perspective.

A word of caution for all those that are nurturers and caregivers at heart, please don't take what I'm about to share next as a form of selfishness, but coming from a place of self-love…You must start focusing on YOU! Does that mean you don't give or help others? No. But, ultimately working on you, filling you up first, will allow you to show up and share your best part of yourself with others. Which is a very important part of this process. 

Everything and everyone, every experience and connection is in your life for some reason. During this journey together, I will be sharing my own, very personal stories that now looking back, created a perfectly imperfect path to awakening my own divine gifts that I now share with you. And, you will be able to do the same. What I learned, is that by sharing my stories, allows you to rise above your own limiting beliefs, stories and actions that may be holding you back and keeping you from living your best life.

There are four major steps I'll be guiding you through:

Step One: Role - What is my role in this?

Step Two: Transcendence - How can I rise above this situation?

Step Three: Transformation, the turning point - What is my transformation/my purpose from experiencing this?

Step Four: Soul Expansion & Service - What's my soul here to learn about this, so that I can serve others? 

Step one, we'll begin by connecting your role in any situation where you feel like you are currently a victim or have been in the past. You'll learn to how to take ownership of your part, your role in this situation, no matter how bad. I may have just stirred up a little something inside of you with that statement, so hang in there. This is your life, every single thing that is in your life right now you have attracted by your past thoughts and/or actions. You'll be getting honest with yourself in these areas and frankly, you may be pulling the wool over your eyes at this very moment. I know I was! We are going to get honest and aware of the situation at hand, or perhaps it's something from the past, and you are holding onto bits unconsciously affecting your life today. This is one of the major places we can hold ourselves back from enjoying a fulfilled life and becoming successful.

From there, you'll move into step two where you begin to transcend and rise above your limitations in any situation that you may be experiencing now or holding onto from the past. Yes, it's amazing how many old haunts and hurts from younger days keep us from shining our light as adults! The magic occurs when you can transcend above feeling like the victim. So, we'll start changing our thoughts and awareness today, in order to rise above and create a beautiful outcome tomorrow!  I have a few doozie stories I share with you here in these chapters!

Believe it or not, the first two steps can come very quickly, within minutes actually! I've worked with clients that have been holding themselves back for years and within 5 minutes have connected to what has kept them from stepping into their greatness. Others may take some time to process, whatever is good for you, is good for you! Don't ever forget this!

Step three is transformation. At this point, we begin the turning point by understanding what the bigger purpose or meaning is in having this experience or connection. You begin answering the question, "How can I transform around this at the deepest level possible?" This truly is the turning point of experiencing the core of your transformation and where you begin to shine. You may not understand the meaning fully as to why it occurred, but you can begin to allow the nurturing to take place. You'll begin contemplating how you overcame this situation and understanding your highest aspiration and purpose for having had this occur in your life. This is when you begin to set up some structure based on your learning, your personal values, your unique process, so that you can start setting the foundation for sharing and serving others. This is a pretty profound section of the book and where I see some amazing missions come to light from my clients.

Once the transformation begins, there really is no stopping you! The energy that begins to surge from within, is a pretty powerful experience!

This is truly when your soul begins to expand. So, the fourth part of your journey is, soul expansion and service. By adding structure and flow to your transformation, you will be able to go deeper into answering the question about what your soul is here to learn, so that you can share this with others, in order for them to learn from your experiences. From this structure is where you begin to expand, intuitively taking aligned steps, staying in the flow. By using your intuition and trusting the process of each step partnering with pure guidance from source, allows for forward momentum without getting stuck in your head, which is where challenges may arise.

There is a deeper representation here within your teachings and serving of others through healing of wounds, healing ourselves, staying in the awareness of now - which on its own is very healing. All while bringing your unique qualities into this structure, into your teachings in order to serve. The outcome of sharing with others that they too can create a positive outcome from their experiences and your guidance to ultimately become more joyful, playful, creative in life through all their experiences, good or bad.

I hope you'll join me on this transformational journey.

Let the magic begin!

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Debra Larson
Divine Leader of Transformation

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