Well, Hello!

Hello!!! I'm so happy you are here! I'm sure you'd love to learn a little bit more about the girl behind the training.  I know I'm excited to learn more about YOU! I hope you find as much joy in discovery and living out your passion, as I do in teaching it.

I am a forever student of self-discovery to learning why I'm here, continually evolving in my own purpose-filled path, learning every day from all those that surround me and striving to show up in life to be a better person. Each day I wake up in awe, understanding that there is more to this world than the eye can see, connecting each and every one of us by an energy much larger than ourselves. An understanding that once we can see past that of our limiting beliefs, our own limitations… Once we can peel back the layers to our truth, to be uniquely YOU, a magical life opens up to us.

My Story . . .


Welcome, my name is Debra Larson. Many, affectionately call me Deb. Although I'm not big on titles it seems that it makes it a bit easier to connect with what I do. I've become known for being a Divine Leader of Transformation and Self-Empowerment for women entrepreneurs and really, to all of those who find themselves on a bigger mission to serve, one of self-discovery and awareness to live your best, purpose-filled life.

I grew up outside of Seattle, but my hubby of 25 years, Eric and I were bitten by the adventurous bug and had a strong desire to get away from the drizzle of Seattle. So the sun took us off to the gulf coast of Florida. We thoroughly enjoyed a life of boating, fishing, beaching and traveling. We worked hard and played hard. But, after about 15 years, and being hit hard by the recession-really hard, we lost everything. It was time for a change.

After a brief stop in Maryland, we packed up the car and our adorable chocolate lab - Kona, now 12 1/2 years old, and we headed home to Washington State to be with family. After a few years, and what had become a bit too crowded for our taste, we ended up moving to a quaint seaside town called Kingston, which lies across the Puget Sound, just a short ferry ride from Seattle, and near the majestic Olympic National Mountains.

I've been a coach since 2009, focusing on marketing and business. Empowering service based entrepreneurs and coaches to monetize their passion, their brilliance and share these gifts with those they are meant to serve. Combining evergreen marketing techniques with higher power mindset teachings - you'll still find these tried and true concepts woven throughout my training today.

While this combination of strategies is undeniably powerful, I felt like something was missing. Some may call it a higher calling. It was so powerful I could no longer deny the burning desire growing within me. I had a powerful realization that each one of us has the ability to create a magnetically abundant life. No matter the circumstance, every encounter, connection, and experience, has a deeper purpose in defining our lives, no matter how challenging. All experiences are aligned in perfection. And, thru a greater self-awareness to understanding the meaning behind - and the perfection within, each of these experiences, comes an unfolding of our natural gifts that open us up to our divine, purposeful path.

I like to call it the "Perfectly Imperfect Path", which just so happens to be the title of my new book coming out in 2019!

I believe that abundance isn’t just the money in our bank account and the “stuff” that encompasses our lives, but that abundance is a state of being, and this powerful state originates from within. I understand and embrace how important it is to connect to this bigger notion that life and its events are not random, but instead are actually in perfect alignment with your thoughts, personal evolution, and your divine soul's growth.

So with that, I set out on a mission to help empower others, not just entrepreneurs, to live your greatest, most aligned life. I want to empower you to live a life of purpose, one of mission, one of greater service by sharing your gifts. And, the outcome of this is more joy, peace and yes, extreme abundance. Though not always perfect, it’s something I work towards every single day.

So, mindfulness, meditation and spiritual practices play a big role in everything I do. See, I didn’t want to “add” more to my plate, be stressed, hurried, busy… No, I wanted less, but I still wanted to serve at a deeper level. I wanted to become Simply Empowered to serve, while enjoying peacefulness, love and abundance to have more freedom in life. Plus, our loved ones were getting older and needed more assistance. So something had to change.

I found out that many others desired this Simply Empowered life as well. That’s why I started our private group, to help you do just that. If this is calling to you, please join us!

Why Follow Me?

Well, if you are still reading this, than I’m thinking we have a lot in common and we probably want some of the same things out of life! Life doesn’t have to be crazy hard, neither does running a business or using your gifts to serve others in your own unique way. You CAN have time for you, to do what you love, serve those that truly connect with you and your style, and YES! you can make fabulous money doing it!


I am an intuitive and healer, but I'm also an empath, so I try my best to surround myself with fun-loving, positive people, since it's easy for me to soak up other people's energy. That's why I only work with those that I truly enjoy and love! And, you can too! I'll share some cool techniques with you that will assist you in attracting the ideal client and living your best, connected life.

After years of teaching business and marketing, I started studying energy and all things metaphysical. Daily I was being challenged by my beautiful students to constantly better myself, I knew I needed to connect to an even higher level of consciousness than before in order to help you accomplish the level you desired. I set out on a journey to embrace higher mentorship, guidance, and teachings for my own personal growth, knowing I'd be able to pass this on to all of you!

I have trained and studied under great business and spiritual leaders, from Ali Brown, Gabrielle Whitney, and Kendall Summerhawk, to Lisa Turner, even the Swamiji - Paramahamsa Nithyananda and more. But, the mentor I've learned the most from, who has helped me the most in not only connecting to my higher intuition, but understanding myself and others, authority on energy medicine and author, Deborah King.  I'll forever be grateful to her for opening my eyes to a world and possibilities beyond that which we are able to see in front of us.

Training and certifications include such guidance as a Certified Chakra Wisdom Healer, Lifeforce Energy Healer, Angels of Energy Healing, Astral Wisdom-out of body experiences, Ambassador of Divine Love, Hypnotherapy and certification as a Sacred Money Archetype Coach.  I also spend a considerable amount of time studying energy healing, which to this day is my passion and helps me, help you overcome limiting beliefs and challenges that may be standing in your way, holding you back from all that you desire to be, do and have in your business and in your life! My extensive and continual training with these holistic leaders and modalities have allowed me to create a beautiful synergy in all of my training, between passion, purpose, abundance, mindfulness, business strategies and the super-conscious.

Through my own spiritual connection and continually working on me, I have discovered my own unique brilliance and modality to help uncover your personal brilliance that lies within you. I now teach strategies of self-empowerment by combining spirit and practical methods, so that my clients can create lasting change in their lives, and in the lives of those whose lives they touch, serving in their businesses with meaning and purpose. I follow no specific religion, I just take what I learn from the masters and share what I believe will empower you to live your passion-filled life.

Please Join Me!

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I hope you'll join me and find that my fun-loving nature, intuition and powerfully aligned strategies are all to encourage your personal success and profound results for all areas of your life.

Whether you are a service-based entrepreneur or are part of the highly conscious global movement, or perhaps just someone who is seeking more, your soul has been divinely guided here today. Every experience, each connection, has a deeper meaning of guiding you on your purposeful path.

I’m not here to convince you of anything, but I’ll share what I’ve learned over the years, many times learning the hard way so you don’t have too! If something I share resonates, GREAT! Apply it to your life.

This is all about YOU!

Whether you join our complimentary "Simply Empowered" interactive-complimentary community, in which success is based upon your positive participation and co-creation, connect deeply to my journal (I love to hear your comments!), or join in on one of my many trainings…

I invite you to dive into one of my services and offerings, and if you feel aligned, take that next step and connect with me personally to see how we can work together at a deeper, transformational level.

Until then, join my VIP list & the Simply Empowered Group!

Enjoy my high content-teaching articles, musings, simply empowered quotes and be first in the know to receive early entrance and VIP pricing into my courses and classes, not shared anywhere else!

Enjoy True Wealth from Within,

Debra Larson    Divine Leader of Transformation & Self Empowerment

Debra Larson

Divine Leader of Transformation & Self Empowerment