Sacred Money Archetypes

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It’s time to become Simply Wealthy by creating wealth & abundance from the inside out.

Did you know that there are Universal Money Archetypal patterns that each one of us falls into?

Shocking to many, one of our most intimate relationships is actually with money. What stops many spiritual women from getting their creative gifts out into the world isn't motivation, spirit or drive, it's their relationship with money.

Why? Because money is at the heart of every decision you make in your personal life, your relationships, your business or your career.

Discovering your Sacred Money Archetypes® will uncover your money strengths and gifts, as well as your money shadow-side. When you align with your innate patterns, you will be able to experience greater flow and abundance with your finances. Understanding your Money Archetypal patterns will help you to stop wasting your time and energy when it comes to money, and start readily welcoming in more abundance.

When the creator of Sacred Money Archetypes®, Kendall Summerhawk, said, "How you do money, is how you do everything," was the moment I woke up and decided to get certified in her course. I teach you to do what you love with the people you love, while resolving and moving beyond conflicts with money.

I believe this training is so life changing that I teach it now in every aspect of my coaching. I am on a mission not only to help you align with your purpose and passion in life, but to change your relationship with money.

Together we'll create a deep, powerful transformation around not only how you magnetically attract money and abundance into your life. We’ll also empower your voice, and strengthen your spiritual, financial destiny, while finally putting to bed old, outdated, limiting beliefs that weren't yours in the first place.


Who will benefit from a Sacred Money Archetypes®Reading?

Do you ever wonder why you...

  • feel you have to work super hard in order to receive?

  • constantly overspend on the latest "sparkly" item?

  • are reluctant to buy yourself something nice, but you have no problem purchasing for others?

  • constantly underprice, give away, trade or discount your services?

  • find yourself hiding purchases from your significant other?

  • back away from any conversation having to do with money?

  • feel spiritually broke and disconnected from the thought of abundance flowing into your life?

  • feel anxious around money, to the point of feeling hostage to it at times?


Money can create a pathway, allowing you to effortlessly create a deeper expression of who you are, because your energy is not spent worrying and stressing about all the stuff money brings up. You no longer feel hostage to it.


By learning your personal Sacred Money Archetypes®, you will deepen your experience around all areas related to "money," and discover:

  • Your money strengths and gifts, along with your money shadow-side, creating a powerful awareness.

  • How to empower your voice and money mindset when it comes to creating your personal wealth and spiritual, financial freedom.

  • Key areas where you may be giving away your power with money, and identify steps you can take to own your value, with confidence and clarity.

  • The one simple next‐best step you can take immediately to begin embracing your Sacred Money Destiny.

  • How to identify what comes naturally to you and what main areas are in need of strengthening.

  • How to set healthy boundaries with anyone, and in any situation, so you can confidently and respectfully stand in your power.

  • How to strengthen your voice by stepping fully into your archetypal gifts, so you can stop discounting your worth, and begin speaking from a place of inner confidence, owning your value.

  • A powerful visualization to create conscious integrity and pure alignment to being unstoppable, by melting away money resistance and inner conflict (even guilt), called "I AM Money."

  • How to stop the blame game and step confidently into your divine power.


Together we'll create a deep, powerful transformation around not only how you magnetically attract money and abundance into your life. We’ll also empower your voice, and strengthen your spiritual, financial destiny, while finally putting to bed old, outdated, limiting beliefs that weren't yours in the first place.

What are Sacred Money Archetypes®?

Unconsciously, within each of us we carry unique money patterns that represent  beliefs, stories, motivations, fears, gifts and challenges that attract or push away all ways that wealth shows up in our life. These mostly inherited patterns are represented here within 8 Sacred Money Archetypes®.

Debra Larson, Leader of Transformation & Empowerment Coach, will assist you in discovering your personal Sacred Money Archetypes®, so you can begin to magnetize abundance in all areas of your life while fully experiencing the alignment, power and inner confidence of your archetypes.

This is much more than learning "how" to attract abundance. It's more about understanding YOU. Understanding and knowing your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to all things wealth related, from asking for a raise, to charging what you are worth, to overspending, even underspending, the list goes on.

While your relationship with money is as unique as you are, there are Archetype patterns or themes that possess a universal quality. Which means it is critical that you discover your money strengths and gifts, along with your money shadow-side, so you stop wasting your time and energy trying to fit yourself into a box of what you think you “should” do when it comes to anything associated with your personal wealth, and instead empower your voice and boundaries, on the spot.

One of the biggest challenges we experience daily, are the profound misperceptions and beliefs around achieving wealth while serving. Many gifted healers believe an underlying mindset myth that you cannot serve, be spiritual AND rich at the same time. It is keeping many of you just plain broke, or at the very least, frustrated. This outdated belief goes back centuries ago and no longer serves you.

It's finally your time to step fully into your archetypal gifts, so that you stop discounting your worth, and work from a place of inner confidence, owning your value, doing what you love and serving at the level you desire all while magnetically attracting wealth and abundance into ALL areas of your life, because remember, "How you do money, is how you do everything."

Together we'll create a deep, powerful transformation around not only how you magnetically attract money and abundance into your life. We’ll also empower your voice, and strengthen your spiritual, financial destiny, while finally putting to bed old, outdated, limiting beliefs that weren't yours in the first place.

Where, When and How?

With each reading, you will receive a Sacred Money Archetypes® Kit which includes:

  • Determine your Sacred Money Archetypes® Assessment & SMA introduction audio

  • Remote reading personally prepared for you by Debra, on your top 3 and last archetype, sharing the unique strengths and challenges of each and how they support your main archetype identity. (Reading delivered digitally)

  • If you choose LIVE master counsel with Debra, she will take you personally thru a 75-90 minute reading and divine guidance, while answering any questions that you may have.

  • BONUS 1: Beautiful, full-colored digital, downloadable Sacred Money Archetypes® Cards

  • BONUS 2: Clearing Your Money Clutter - A powerful exercise in clearing up your money clutter in 6 easy steps, audio & downloadable printable.

By the end of your remote (or LIVE) session, my hope is for you to leave with a feeling of deep, profound transformation in your relationship with money and all things it represents to you, so that you can begin to step into your Sacred Soul gifts that will lead you to the next steps to aligning your financial success with your personal and spiritual growth.

If you feel an aligned synergy to work together and further deepen your learnings of your Sacred Money Archetypes®, Debra will share with you ways you can continue your education and growth with us past today if you so choose to. Clients across the globe find the Sacred Money Archetype readings and training integral to changing how they view their wealth and attract abundance within all areas of their lives, personal and business.

If you are ready to create deep, powerful transformation around money, schedule your Sacred Money Archetype session now.


Sacred Money Archetypes® Remote Reading

Remote Session time: This session is remote. Once you've purchased your remote reading, you will receive an audio and assessment download via email. If you don’t get this right away, please email our office.

Please fill this out within 48 hours of booking your reading. You will want to listen to the audio PRIOR to filling our your Sacred Money Archetype assessment. You will need to share your top 3 archetypes and your last archetype, along with the scores for each with Debra before your remote reading can begin.

Reading Delivery Time: Please allow up to 7 business days to receive this fully detailed reading.

Type of session: Remote Reading. Everything will be personally prepared for you via digital download, a combination of audio and beautiful downloadable digital cards.

How to Prepare: This is your time, just for you!

Once you receive your remote reading and downloadable information, please set aside time just for you to allow for a deeper connection to your Sacred Money Archetypes.  You'll want a quiet space and about 90 minutes to thoroughly go through the information and visualization. And, as always, have your journal handy!

Stay open to what is being shared. If anything is being triggered, it may mean this is an area that needs healing. (Debra can assist you with this, feel free to reach out and book a healing session with her. This can be done remotely as well.)

Be kind to yourself, these readings are a jumping off point to a much deeper training, while still providing profound transformation and healing around money.

Next Step: The Sacred Money Archetype course and/or VIP Transformational Day is a perfect place to go even deeper to learning about how your personal archetypes are integrated into everything you do and how you can begin using these to quickly enhance and benefit everything having to do with abundance in your life (& business too!)