My friends & students have some really great stories & transformations to share!

During my time with Deb, I crossed the six-figure mark, added two new team members, wrote an Amazon bestselling book, filled my practice, and put on my first live event where I made over $25,000 in a single day!

Debra is, in my view, one of the top experts in the world when it comes to simple marketing strategies that yield big results. She makes it easy so you’re not running around chasing the latest trend or fad, and instead focus on solid fundamentals that allow you to grow your business, on your terms, using your gifts, and in the way that’s right for you. 

Combined with her amazing intuitive gifts, that allow you to move through inner obstacles that have stopped you for years, Debra is the complete package. Thanks Debra!

— Michael Mapes, Intuitive Business Mentor

It was amazing connecting with you. I learned so much about myself and my relationship to not only money but to my clients, and ultimately to myself. The information from the archetypes was right on and fits me to a tee. . . thanks again for a wonderful session. I look forward to connecting further and learning more from you and your team!    
— Helen B.

. . .and the work I do with you about stepping into my intuitive, spiritual and empowering leadership style based on my deepest values. I am for the first time truly honoring myself, trusting on a deep level. What is so beautiful is that for the first time consciously I am belonging to me and valuing me which creates a much stronger foundation and stance on life. I feel deeply supported. . .

The second Debra and I started our initial conversation, I had a feeling this was the right match for me. She wasn’t pushy at all, had a genuine desire to help, and had the right balance of left and right brain between spiritual, empowerment coach digging deep into what I was unconsciously holding onto, but combined that with business and clarity on the very best, next steps for me. . .
— Kelly Zajac, Founder Tudor House Tea

My experience with Debra has been nothing less than transformative at every turn. From the first time I met Debra, I felt an instant connection. Her warmth, compassion, and genuine desire to serve beamed through and I knew I’d made a friend (and met a mentor) straightaway. 

Our conversations at the live event were mind-blowing. Without knowing much about me at all, she completely described where I was at and how I was feeling in my business. She understood exactly what I was struggling with and lasered-in on my next best steps to transforming it. . .
— Jaena Moynihan - Intuitive Coach

Debra has an amazing ability to bring ideas into form, and make my crazy creative dreams both realistic and attainable. She does this in such a fun and loving way, and you can feel the heartfelt love and support she holds for her clients. Her many years of experience in business and marketing combined with her naturally intuitive and caring personality is a winning combination and I am so grateful to have connected with her at such a perfect time when she was exactly what I needed. She has helped me to implement various changes into the structure of my business that have been immediately effective and profitable. Thank you Debra! Peace & Blessings.

— Elise Jene' - Musician, Healer, Conscious Marketer

I have enjoyed working with Debra on so many different levels! Her 1-1 coaching was so personable and caring, yet she knows how to give you a little nudge to push yourself outside your comfort zone to get results. She puts so much of herself into her teaching. I also took her Creating your Authentic Signature Niche course and she has made me see so many important things about myself and my business. Finally my vision has come to fruition. I love that Debra is a WEALTH of knowledge and she is so willing to share it with all of us! She definitely has been a blessing to myself and so many others!  Thanks for all you do!
— Brandy Duffy , Coach & Mompreneur

Deepest Gratitude . . .
I so enjoyed our time together. I want to thank you for sharing with me my money strengths and how I can grow those strengths. I also want to thank you for your tender, sensitive and kind approach with assisting me in truly seeing how I can bring my purpose to fruition. I appreciate that you believe in me and the work that will lead me to fulfill my purpose. More importantly, I appreciate that you helped me to realize that this is no longer a dream for me but a reality. 
— Sandie G.