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Lifeforce Energy Healing Session

Healing & Intuitive Readings
Life Purpose/Relationship/Guidance/General Body Healing

Remote Healing Session

Debra is a Deborah King, certified Lifeforce Energy Healer & Intuitive. This service is something that she normally only offers to her private Visionary Elite client’s, but is being guided to offer this to everyone at an accessible price with priceless value. Lifeforce Energy healing is done remotely and although each session is unique to the individual, a common theme is in balancing and aligning the chakras, unblocking areas that may feel stagnant or stuck, life purpose and relationship balancing, and any additional guidance that may come thru, such as a message either directly from Debra’s guides or supplemental messages via tarot and rune readings.

She has found there to be extreme accuracy in these messages, but as always, the best guidance comes from within, so only take what resonates for you. The core of this service is shifting and increasing the vibrational energy within your already perfect body, mind & soul so that you can begin living your truth, your life purpose in harmony. Many times multiple sessions have the biggest impact, but it’s solely up to the individual and what work they desire and where they are on their personal journey.

…$99 Individual, Remote Healing

…$297 3 Healing Sessions w/live guidance from Debra

Big Vision Focus Session

90 minute, 1 time clarity & focus session

Sometimes we reach a moment in life when we are on the cusp of stepping into something new. We are so close to realizing our dreams in our business, and our personal life. We are within an arm's reach of having what we’ve only been able to imagine up to now; we can almost taste it. BUT, we know there is something missing, a piece of the puzzle that we haven’t been able to make fit. What is it? In this Be YOU & Thrive Visionary Session, Debra will work 1:1 to help you uncover what “IT” is that you desire, what is holding you back and gain crystal clear clarity on the exact, next best steps to take.

Live Connection via Zoom.


*Please note that Debra normally does not do individual sessions, but there was such a calling for this service, that she is adding this as a “1 time only” session to give her clients the boost and clarity they desire, in order to help propel them forward.

Sacred Money Archetype Remote Reading

In-depth remote Audio Reading w/beautiful downloadable archetype cards

Did you know that there are Universal Money Archetypal patterns that each one of us falls into? Discovering your Sacred Money Archetypes™ will uncover your money strengths and gifts, as well as your money shadow-side. When you align with your innate patterns, you will be able to experience greater flow and abundance with your finances. Understanding your Money Archetypal patterns will help you to stop wasting your time and energy when it comes to money, and start readily welcoming in more abundance.

Remote Reading via Email.


VIP Transformational Days

1 Day, Remote Intensive via zoom, personally with Debra plus follow up session

This Transformational VIP Day offers you total immersion coaching with Debra. This day is a perfect continuation of the Be YOU & Thrive Visionary Session or Sacred Money Archetype™ readings and is for those who are looking to dive deep and take their personal exploration to the next level. Through focused and intentional coaching, VIP Days bring about massive “aha” moments and transformational shifts very quickly.

This day consists of 5 1/2 hours of personalized, pre-determined coaching topics, followed by a 45 minute follow up session one week later. This service comes complete with templates, printouts, and recordings of each session, along with a written next-steps plan to help you continue your transformation.

Live Meeting via Zoom/telephone

…$1,997 package/bonuses included

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Visionary Elite 1-1 Coaching

Long term mentorship with Debra

Please connect directly with our office to set up a time to meet regarding interest in this service. You’ll enjoy an enlightening call to see how we may be best of service to you. You’ll be sent a link directly to Debra’s personalized calendar. Just place in the subject line: Visionary Coaching Inquiry and your contact information in the body, send to:


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